The files are missing

YEAR: 2014
DURATION: 7 mins

This piece is made up of 9 parts. The inspiration was drawn from a visual effect discovered by the artist when a source file accidentally went missing while she was working on a video project with computer.

Common video editing techniques: connecting several video files to a project; by the order of layers, each file is edited and altered in terms of size, shape, transparency level, readable area, play speed and colours. When the source files are missing from a project, the programme will replace those with a single image – a blank screen or test screen.


The files are missing from Chai Mi on Vimeo.


The artist has selected nine video projects of hers, in all of which the source files were removed. Meanwhile, the previous editing instructions are still kept in the project, leaving the test screens the only objects available for further editing and transforming. In this video piece, one would be amazed all the effects brought by such transformation. Video editing followed by the increasing number of missing files,from less to more.



The exhibition venue Dashilar is an abandoned architectural structure missing its own file – human activities. Just like the video project

, one could only imagine what has happened by tracing the barely left evidence.

Venue BYOB Beijing
Date 2014.06.28 – 2014.06.28
Address &26,&31and &53 spaces at Yangmeizhu Xie Jie,Dashilar, Beijing,China

屏幕快照 2014-06-29 下午11.49.14