Amount: 4 SIZE:1920X1200 with sound

Year: 2016-2018

The concepts of time and space are not to be divided. No one can truly explain the images before us. With prejudice abandoned, one could finally see in an image its meanings and connotations, and thus reconstruct one’s cognitive logic.

We humans have been fascinated by and using, observing, studying other creatures for as long as the human species endure. Our connection with other creatures is complicated and persistent. We could only make assumptions of the Other from what we are no matter what. The ways we treat other creatures share a lot in common with how we treat our fellow humans. Perhaps the former inspire us on the latter, but we do not know.

The SPACETIME ILLUSION Series contains four video works. Each of these videos originates from a live performance

, the documented performers in the video are also virtual actors. The narrative is developed on the basis of the interaction between viewers, performers, animal images, geometric forms and architectual images, light and shadow. These images are arrayed in a space and displayed on a loop, so that there is an invasion of one spacetime into another, and that there can be an open way of seeing and being seen.In the designed envelopes of parrallel spacetimes, the viewers may experience a temporary disorder in cognition and a liberation of consciousness, and could let their imagination travel about. This series is based on the graphical models of the relationships between humans and other creatures. The materials in these videos are from the artist’s synchronic and ever growing audio-visual theater project CAPTURED CREATURES, which was initiated, directed and promoted by Chai Mi. The dates of performance are indicated in the titles of the videos.