Table Game


YEAR:  2015
DURATION:  4’08”
Material:jigsaw toy blocks、wood、paper

To play is in the nature of man, and so is to create. This work takes the form of a stop-motion animation and documents the process of the game of creation. Multiple woodblocks in the basic geometric shapes of circle

, equilateral triangle and square are constantly combined, transformed and moved in a jigsaw game, so that they bring into being figures, living creatures, artificial objects, spectacles as well as events. The inspiration behind the work stems from the game of building blocks and jigsaws, in the process of which the artist experiences flashes of ideas and continuous association or creation of images.

Artist Statement

It is among man’s most fundamental desires to create. We keep forging ahead usually to try out new possibilities and to assure our advancement. There is at first imitation and transcendence, and then comes the loss of control, in the end, we have new orders and new beginnings. In my artistic creation, I have always been raising questions such as: What is the connection between memories and conduct? What else implications are behind the geometric figures ?