Bird, series of paintings

Year: 2012
Amount: 16
Medium: Color ink on paper

Most drawings in this series were made around 2012. They are drawn with colouring pen, the same as The Outside World series. The paper used for this series came from a printing factory in southern China. They were purchased as book binding material 10 years ago but were never used therefore discarded. These pieces of paper have special textures. They have all turned yellowish now, though some aged more greatly than the others.

‘I lived near the Old Summer Palace of Beijing when I was little. I used to see all kinds of birds. But now, after years of rapid urban development, sparrows and crows are two of few kinds, which remain to be common in Beijing. I often see crows searching for food in the big trash bins near residential buildings, sparrows playing at the balconies of households or making nests on power poles. I like observing their behaviours and believing the behaviour of the urban birds must not be the same with their relatives in natural environment. The urban life must have changed them just like it did to us.’—Chai Mi