Between Round and Square

Year: 2015-2018
Amount: 338
Size:26X26 cm

, ruler, tape, brushes, Coder device
Medium: Chinese Traditional Ink, Water Color, water, waterproof ink, paper

This series of paintings are completed in a unified form, due to a uncertainty and natural change of manual work caused by water-based mixed pigment, the serial visual art works displayed the changes in the rules and the changing rules.

Artist Statement

I started the painting process with some floating ideas. During the constant process of hesitation and experimentation, I’m beginning to produce a kind of rigid constraints. What has interested me most is the process of emotional collision as well as the traces of the process. The shape and formation of the constraints required special attention and repeated consideration. In the course of work, I expect a relationship of equality between the material and myself, and got a feeling that I’m trying to create different paths between space-time and existence, which are complicated and tortuous.

Since 2015, I finished these works around the world, including MuseumQuartier in Vienna, Austria; an Abbey in Fontevraud, France; CanSerrat art village in Barcelona, Spain; Intermondes Art Center in La Rochelle, France; Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Umbertide, Italy Civitella Castle and some Chinese cities.