Captured Creatures @ Space.Toccata


Experimental Audio-Visual Theater

Duration:Around 25mins

This is a ongoing performing project pushed by visual artist Chai Mi, the show mixed different live art forms including dance based acts performances,Live visual and sound to create an ever-changing field of real-time occurrence, to show a rich plot and intentions. The live visuals coming from a large number of animal images captured from Europe, America and China and other places, and images of human beings living space. By using VJing technique,those video clips will be mixed and presented on real-time by Chai Mi. At the same time contemporary dance artist will interact with the projected image, by using body language he or she will present a series of emotional expression, such as curious, lazy, bored, lonely, fear, angry, mad, numbness, and helplessness. This creation of illusion in real space, is intent to explore a variety of potential relationship between the people and animals, creatures and the environment.

This performance project can be appropriately modified according to the venue.

Formerly known as : SPACETIME ILLUSION《 trapped creatures 》

Captured Creatures_ Space.Toccata_Tailer from Chai Mi on Vimeo.



《《《 氵 》》》 


《《《 氵 》》》 RESONANCE OF WATER|Audio-Visual Theater Project

The Artist, Chai Mi, launched the experimental performance about “water” in 2015, and created a multimedia theater together with two sound artists thruoutin and Anita Pan. Using the self-created water devices, they perform sound production, framing and image making on the scene. The water, as the media and topic of the entire performance, is combined with the devices, behaviors, live music, impromptu singing and live images. The performance mines various images caused by the water, creates an abstract and poetic experience of images and sound, and explore the multi-relationship between man and environment. According to different forms and sizes of the water, the performance is divided into three movements: Drip, Flow and Surge, working together to present a special conversation created by the water.

” 氵” , an associative compound character, can be read as “shui”, the same pronunciation of “水”.


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The Sparrow And The Raven

Live visual and music performance The Sparrow and the Raven is an ongoing collaborative project between Chaimi and sound artists. During the performance the artist tells a story in which a new born sparrow and a young raven adventure in a world of magic and myth. Employing the modern techniques of VJing, each time Chai Mi creates an one and only video piece corresponding to the sound work made by collaborating musicians/sound artists, while meantime roughly follows a same structure of the story.

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< Second-hand >

Improvisational moving images and music

< Second-hand >

An ongoing project which focuses on several topics including examining the attitude toward past, bringing the unwanted and discarded a second life in fine art and combining more abstract elements into a live performance to generate different outcomes.

The moving images are based on some illustration books published in the 50s, which Chai Mi have bought at very low price at second hand markets around China. Most of them have been abandoned or forgotten. There are great number of books in China have now been considered as out-dated, although many of which weren’t in fact published long time ago.

Chai Mi (left), thruoutin (right), performing of Second Hand, Change Coffee, Hangzhou, China

‘In recent years I have been collecting second hand books from some collections dated back to the 90s. In early 2013 I began to reread them and make use of them creatively. Some pattern books/illustration albums have caught my attention. In the live performance I am trying to create imageries based on these books (their contents, layouts or even the material the books made from). Then I try to make the images either blend in or go against the music I hear. I aim to create ‘accidents’ and new experience in each performance. To me, the meaning of this art performance is not only limited to the result.In process I always get something new from the old books, which is thought provoking every time.’

‘Second Hand’ A live set by Chai Mi and thruoutin in zajia lab,China from Chai Mi on Vimeo.

The musician who collaborated with piece with me in the video is American musician thruoutin. In the performance he has used sound made by toy keyboard found in an American second shop, toy robots bought in Chinese antique market, Chinese traditional percussion instruments and an old violin given by friend.

Chai Mi (left), thruoutin (right), performing of Second Hand, Change Coffee, Hangzhou, China

‘In this project I hope to collaborate with any musician or sound artist who make works with the sound created by second hand object/trash, and who can perform improvisational music/sound work. ’

  was show in Zajia Lab,Beijing,China
Performing of Second Hand, Zajia Lab, Beijing, China