Chai Mi  | 柴 觅

Chai Mi, born in 1985, base in Beijing, her fine art practice involves a range of media, including painting, installation, video and performance. Her works have been shown at many art museums, cultural organizations, film festival and music festival nationally and internationally.

My creation always start from some accidental points, when they gathered to a certain number, I would go to find a way that could string them together as lines or shapes, like a game playing process of scrutiny. The final artwork is always just a window for peeping that process. Painting and moving images are the creative way I have been unable to let go. Continuous walking, reading and creating become an important component of my life exploration. Recently, I have more and more involved in live art and digital art, however the personal hand-time still let me obsessed and occupied most of my creation time. It is seen as an inward practice for me, and let me touch more real in such a more and more virtual world. My work may be related to the following words: alienation, restrictions, circulation, conflict, shape, and spacetime, at least these are words has not been crossed off in my portable notebook. (Chai Mi)