Engineering And Procurement Agreement

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company and Qatar Petroleum (QP) recently signed an agreement for the development, construction and operation of a petrochemical complex in Qatar for the production of ethylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). As a general rule, EPC contracts are used for engineering and infrastructure projects or for industrial projects where the aesthetics of the design could be considered less important to the customer than performance and cost safety. The terms of the FIDIC contract for EPC`s turnkey projects (The Silver Book) are an example of an engineering and construction acquisition contract. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, sometimes referred to as turnkey contracts, are similar to design and construction contracts, since there is only one market for the design and construction of the project, but as a general rule, with an EPC contract, the client has less control over the design of the project and the contractor takes more risks. The payment may be lump sum, refundable or on some other basis, but generally speaking, the customer would probably seek a lump sum price, a lump sum contract, if the contractor assumes responsibility for cost control. This gives the customer a relatively risk-free agreement with a point of responsibility and cost security. They can therefore exploit the contract with the minimum resource. Dimensional Technology Services of Becht Engineering announces that it has agreed to buy Texas Gulf Coast Engineers (TGCE). For more than 20 years, TGCE has been the leader in advanced dimensional control services. Parties: MURPHY OIL CORP /DE Document Date: 2/11/2005 Industry: Oil and Gas Operations ProSource Radiography Services, a sister company and subsidiary of Pro-Surve is ready to meet your X-ray needs. If you need a small repair pipe drilling or other need for computer x-ray.

ProSource can record conventional films and… The Golden Pass Products LLC export project at the existing Golden Pass LNG plant in Sabine Pass, Texas, is progressing after a positive final investment decision from its owners, subsidiaries of Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil. Parties: QUEST OIL CORP | Quest Canada Corp| TransAction Oil Gas Ventures Inc. Document Date: 25.08.2005 The main risk for customers is the definition of the specification on which the contract is based. If the specification is not well developed and concise, the quality and performance of the final development may be compromised (see performance specification and output specification for more information) Parties: BEACON POWER CORP | NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS Document Date: 11.05.2009 Industry: Electricity Distribution Sector: Electricity Distributors You are here: Agreements > Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract Parties: PNM RESOURCES INC | FLUOR ENTERPRISES, INC. Document date: 10/12/2005 Industry: Electric Utilities Sector: Utilities Governing Law:New Mexico Parties: BION ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC | Bion PA 1 LLC LLC | Bion Services Group, Inc| Lancaster, PA-| Provisional Engineering Services | Primus Builders Inc| Technologies, Inc. document date: 14.05.2009 Industry: Constr. and Agric.

Machinery Sector: Capital Goods Parties: US GEOTHERMAL INC | Ormat Nevada, Inc Document Date: 15.02.2006 Applicable Law:Idaho Parties: GREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE ENERGY, INC. | FAGEN, INC. Document date: 27.02.2006 Industry: Chemical Manufacturing Governing Law:Minnesota Parties: PUBLIC SERVICE CO OF NEW MEXICO | PHELPS DODGE ENERGY SERVICES, LLC | PNMR DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT CORPORATION, | TUCSON ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, | FLUOR ENTERPRISES, INC. Document Date: 5/4/2005 Industry: Electric Utilities Sector: Utilities Governing Law:New Mexico These Engineering Procurement and Construction Contracts are actual legal documents drafted by top law firms for their clients.