Uttlesford Council Tenancy Agreement

When a secure tenant is found by the Board to be guilty of antisocial behaviour, the Council may serve a NOTICE BEFORE PROCEEDINGS FOR A DEMOTION ORDER and ask the district court to cease the lease and that the lease become a decommissioned lease. Here too, the notice should describe in detail the antisocial behaviour in question, inform the tenant of where he can obtain advice and assistance, and the notification must specify that the procedure can only be carried out after a specified date, which must last 4 weeks from the date of notification. Thus, the tenant has 4 weeks to change his behavior. When proceedings are initiated, the regional court judge must be satisfied that there has been anti-social behaviour and it is reasonable to classify the tenancy agreement. A decommissioned lease lasts one year and then returns to a secure lease. If the Council decides this year (1) that the tenant does not meet the rental conditions, a NOTICE OF PROCEEDINGS FOR POSSESSION may be served (this notification must contain the same information as the notice prior to the decommissioning procedure – plus the request for reconsideration). Within 14 days of notification, the tenant may request that the decision (1) be reviewed by a person who is not involved in the decision (1). The independent reviews the decision (1) and makes the decision (2). If (2) it is decided that the Council should bring an action against the tenant, the landgericht judge must issue a property warrant, he has no discretion, provided that the notice of the detention procedure has been correct and that all checks have been carried out properly. Advice to Uttlesford District Council tenants on all aspects of rent payment and assistance to people struggling with Council fees. The Commission must inform you in writing for at least four weeks that they will ask the court to expel you and explain why. The communication must inform you that you have the right to request a review of your decision. When executing an introductory rental report to an acceptable standard, the introductory lease is converted into a flexible nine-year lease.

In the ninth year, the situation of a flexible tenant is reviewed to assess whether flexible tenants still need council rent. “With a new contract to remove household waste in Derbyshire, which is expected to enter service this summer, we have been able to create new business lines in our divisions. In our areas of activity and in our long-term local partnerships, we achieve good results and provide stability for our employees, suppliers, customers and partners. The customer services team will direct the public to the appropriate services within the Board and external organizations. They deal with issues related to benefits, Council taxes, garbage collection, council housing, licensing, planning, building control and recreation centres Most Council tenants are safe tenants. If the tenant is late for rent, has breached all the terms of the tenancy agreement with the Council or if the Council considers that the tenant is behaving antisocially, we serve a NOTICE OF SEEKING POSSESSION. There are nine other reasons to notify an application for possession, but the most common reasons are rent arrears or breach of lease conditions or antisocial behaviour. The communication on the property application indicates the reasons why the notification is notified.