Twitch Content License Agreement

To make available music from various artists within Twitch Sings (from rock to pop), Twitch has negotiated licenses with many different rights holders and continues to do so to add new pieces of music. Twitch`s licenses allow Twitch to use the works and offer them exclusively in combination with Twitch Sings and Twitch services. Twitch Sings content has not been removed for use outside of Twitch services. This means they are not in your new rock-n-roll lifestyle: 2.2. Exclusive live content. Only for any live audiovisual work you provide us as user content (your “Live Twitch”), starting with the first broadcast of this Live Twitch content and for a period of twenty-four (24) hours after the end of the first broadcast of this Live Twitch content (the “Exclusive Periodicity”), this Live Twitch content is exclusively for Twitch (for you too). During the live Twitch exclusivity period, you will not in any way allow you to stream, stream, distribute, distribute, distribute and provide other live Twitch content. Regardless of the above, you have the right to provide Live Twitch content exclusively via Twitch services during the exclusivity phase. When the exclusive period for Live Twitch content expires, the license of live Twitch content does not become exclusive and you have the right to stream, stream, distribute, distribute and make such Live Twitch content available in any way and in any format you wish.

The initial broadcast refers to the first broadcast, streaming, broadcast or other exposure of live Twitch content on the Internet, whether that live Twitch content is broadcast live in real time, when the subject is taking place or that live Twitch content has been recorded in advance and is first broadcast by any type or method of streaming. In addition to user content, Twitch can provide other third-party content on Twitch services (together “third-party content”). Twitch does not control or support any third-party content and does not accept any guarantee or guarantee of any kind regarding the content of third parties, including and without restrictions on their accuracy or completeness.